European Triode Festival 2006

In the Netherlands, near Eindhoven, December 2006. The library with the Berlin team: Peter Sikking in front of the dipole 3 way experimental setup. The funny noise was coming from the digital crossover, some solderpoints touched the box! Massive Commonwealth with Schroeder arm and EMT XSD 15 (top), Technics SP10 with three of my tonearms. [...] Read More

European Triode Festival 2005

  European Triode Festival 2005 The last time for the annual ETF event at the great Bodensee location. Next year it will be held in the Netherlands for the first time. The phono shoot out and Thomas Mayers System (hence the new Rolling Stones album, 'A bigger Bang') is covered on many other web reports, [...] Read More


Recording Due to contacts in the broadcast and media industry I had the chance to get some professional equipment, when it was sold by the broadcast stations. Here are some pictures from a recording of Michael playing Satie on a Steinway Grand Piano. As microphones I am using a pair of tube powered Neuman KM [...] Read More

Celestion SL 600

Celestion SL 600 'Nothing is written' Lawrence of Arabia This is definetly an unusual speaker in the tube scene. The sensitivity with 82dB/m is extremely low. However, it works surprisingly well with low powered tube amps. It is simply one of my most favorite speakers. Considering what speakers and chassis are hyped, this one is [...] Read More


Amps Yes, you have guessed right. A guy that prefers vinyl and high efficiency speakers, is likely to use tube amps as well. Here is my design philosophy for tube amps: Tube rectifier, choke power supply, simple circuits, high quality parts. EL 34 pp The first tube amp I have built, was a EL34 push-pull [...] Read More