This website is about music reproduction at home.

Mostly about record players and tonearms that I make.

Without loudspeakers and amps it would obviously not work, so these are mentioned as well.

Have a look around and good listenings.

A lot of people are so busy to find the ‘best’ hifi, that they end up not even having a good one.

Playing with audio gear can be a real nice experience offering a lifetime of fun.  Yet there are many people buying the latest gear in hope to have the holy grail, just to be disappointed with every new bit of gear.

How many audiophiles are actually listening to live music or know some current artists outside of the world of audiophile recodings?

Some critical words, just to give something to think about.


The inventor and creator in one person always fascinated me. Also people who are passionate about the things they do.

With the need of some protraits of myself for the website I was trying to recreate a bit of this spirit.