Yes, you have guessed right. A guy that prefers vinyl and high efficiency speakers, is likely to use tube amps as well.

Here is my design philosophy for tube amps: Tube rectifier, choke power supply, simple circuits, high quality parts.

EL 34 pp

The first tube amp I have built, was a EL34 push-pull circuit. The plan was published by Japanese audio magazine ‘Stereo Sound, My Handicraft’ in 1981. The famous Mr. Itoh, one of the Japanese tube pioneers, was the designer.

The transformer was fitted with some binding posts to connect the wires underneath the iron.

Another view from the finished amp. Tamura OPT and choke are combined with Hammond power transformer. EL34 tubes are from Svetlana, very good. The rectifiers are the not so recommendable Chinese 5AR4s. Which were replaced by GZ34 of european old stock production.



After the EL34 project a Single Ended amp with a direct heated triode was on the schedule. I chose the 300B, most of it based on a JE Labs circuit by Joseph Esmilla. Schematics, an almost foolproof instruction and some other realisations of this project can be found on the website of Derek Walton.

I wanted some flexibility in case design and split the topboard into four sections. This way it is possible to change the stages or power supply components seperately.

The surface of the aluminium boards was grinded for some ‘visual effects’.

Internal wiring is completly done with solid copper wire. The rounded edges are the work of the local carpenter.