The mono drive, dual platter, tape driven lab record player

The mono drive, dual platter, tape drivenĀ  lab record player

…based on Lenco platter and bearings.

Well , a bit complicated title, but this deck serves a few purposes. Only one motor (left) drives two platters via a tape between them.

This concept goes back to an idea originating from s.o. wo had two Garrards and drove one via a belt passively. There are also French guys from the L’audiophile circle driving a passive platter with another player via a belt.

Not sure who was the first one using like this.

The absence of a running motor in the deck with the tonearm is supposed to make a big difference.

In this build the motor is far away, but still on the same plinth. Which spoils the isolation idea a bit of course.


The basic concept illustrated in a small video:

Preparing the parts

The 20mm aluminiumĀ  slab is from a robot in silicone wafer production. Got that from Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, where my former Boss works.
That robot also donated a movable tonearm base on a pneumatic cylinder and the height adjustiment parts for the base in height.

The lamp is an old foto enlarger, from a company called ‘Rheinmetall’.
Well, you do need light if adjusting pick ups, right?
…and it looks cool too, I think.

The isolation feet are machine feet made in GDR from

‘VEB Zerkleinerungsmaschinen’

The player was used on the Analog Forum meeting in Krefeld.