European Triode Festival 2006

In the Netherlands, near Eindhoven, December 2006.

The library with the Berlin team:

Peter Sikking in front of the dipole 3 way experimental setup.

The funny noise was coming from the digital crossover, some solderpoints touched the box!

Massive Commonwealth with Schroeder arm and EMT XSD 15 (top), Technics SP10 with three of my tonearms.

The dipole system, in the Bass a Riedthaler, Linkwitz subwoofer, with Altec 414.

Well, they are from my Klein&Hummel OZ, that I am currently restoring

The Telefunken O85:

The French team, Melaudia

The main room:

Rebulit Triode after Lee de Forests patent from 1906. It’s 2006, yes 100 years of triode!

Auction in the library: