Western Electric TA 4165 – Jensen A12

I have just returned from the Munich High End show. This year Silbatone showed a Western Electric TA 4165. http://www.silbatoneacoustics.com/art/1-2p.pdf The woofer is OEM made by Jensen for Western Electric. The WE version has a softer cone, a wooden element for better distribution of higher frequencies. Yet, it is a close relative to the Jensen [...] Read More

Klein & Hummel OZ

Klein & Hummel OZ These little puppies were being built by German manufacturer Klein&Hummel, famous for their broadcast monitors and analog tuners. This model, the OZ, was used in early 1970ies. It is equipped with Altec drivers. Two 414 12 inch woofers, a 802 compression driver ona 811 horn. The 811 horn was damped with [...] Read More

Apogee Caliper

My Apogee Odyssee I heard Apogees for the first time on the High End exhibition in Frankfurt 1988. I liked them a lot, but settled for smaller conventional speakers, because as a student at that time I could neither afford them, nor place them somewhere in my room. Then, in 2002, the time was right [...] Read More

Celestion SL 600

Celestion SL 600 'Nothing is written' Lawrence of Arabia This is definetly an unusual speaker in the tube scene. The sensitivity with 82dB/m is extremely low. However, it works surprisingly well with low powered tube amps. It is simply one of my most favorite speakers. Considering what speakers and chassis are hyped, this one is [...] Read More