schick 9 - 9,6 inch tonearm


Ho­ney, I shrunk the arm – the short version is here!

Requests kept coming in, so I made a shorter version of my 12 inch tonearm. The differences between them are as ‘small’ as possible because bearings, material, damping, and cabling are identical.

Technically, the shorter arm-tube has advantages, including less resonance and lower moving mass. The geometric distortion rises somewhat, but the effective length of my design’s 9.6 inch arm (longer than most other 9 inch arms) keeps it well below sonic interference or degradation of signal.

The shorter arm has similar sonic characteristics as the longer arm. Additionally, with my graphite head-shell a very large range of suitable cartridges can be used, up to a compliance of 22µm/mN.

Azimuth, VTA (tonearm height) and tracking force can be adjusted as with all my tonearms. This 9.6 tonearm length allows direct mounting on most vinyl players, including plinth designs of HiFi furniture sets.

For those with EMT record players, the mounting distance allows plug-in-replacement without any modification.

Both Schick 9 and our Schick 12 tonearms contain the same parts and go through the same manufacturing process, thus have the same cost.