The mono drive, dual platter, tape driven lab record player

The mono drive, dual platter, tape drivenĀ  lab record player ...based on Lenco platter and bearings. Well , a bit complicated title, but this deck serves a few purposes. Only one motor (left) drives two platters via a tape between them. This concept goes back to an idea originating from s.o. wo had two Garrards [...] Read More


Lenco L75 My first record player was a Lenco L75 that I got from my parent's system as a teenager. It was the version with a white case which served me well, until I upgraded to a Roksan Xerxes in 1988. The L75 was not used with the springloaded base it normally rests on, but [...] Read More

FR 64

Fidelity Research FR64 Here we have a pictured report about rewiring a Fidelity Research FR64tonearm. The FR64 is one of the most popular tonearms for low compliance cartridges. The bearings are of good quality, but they might get noisy over time. This tonearm had a broken cable. So, I have started to overhaul this tonearm [...] Read More