Frequently asked questions

What cartridges can be used with the schick 12 and schick 9 tonearms?

You can use a very wide range range of cartridges.
The compliance value should be below 20 µm/mN ( 22 for the nine inch arm)
The weight should be 5-6 Gramm or more.
That exludes only very lightweight MM systems with very soft cantilever suspension.

Audio Technica systems with a higher given value ( indicating a soft suspension) also work. Their compliance is calculated witih a different frequency and other circumstances.
On the heavy side the limit is about 40 Gramms with a compliance of 5, if somthing like this exist.
Orotfon SPU are typically around 30 Gramms with a compliance of 8, all models are suitable.
Mono cartridges with no vertical compliance at all, can also be used.

Also, Decca Systems are compatible.

What is the mounting distance for the schick 12 and schick 9 tonearms?

The mounting distance is:

schick 12 – 304,75mm or 12 inch

schick 9 –  229 mm