Graphite headshell



With the head­shells you can tune the sound of your turntable in a very easy way.

The family of ma­te­ri­als is graphite, but just as wood or plas­tic, it comes in many vari­ants.

I have cho­sen a high de­nsi­ty type, that is al­so oil soaked. No, I have not done it so as to get their hands dirty. It is of cour­se fi­nis­hed so you can touch it wi­thout pen­cil marks on your fin­gers.

With this type I gained the most favour­able sound re­sults.

The sound is very de­tailed, but keeps the right tim­ing and tim­bre. A re­al good match for top MC sys­tems.

The de­sign re­sults in an ex­treme­ly rigid and res­o­nance-free head­shell, which ba­si­cal­ly en­sures an ex­tend­ed pre­ci­sion in sound.