A tonearm would be useless without a pick up cartridge.

In this field one has a broad variety of choices.

Here I offer retipped and, or modified complete cartridges, that are a very good match for my tonearms.

A cartridge repair for any type of cartridge is not offered.

At the moment there is a very intersting Moving Magnet Cartridge available.
Originally used as DJ cartridge it has a whopping 8mV output.
Unusual for that type (and price range) of cartridge it has an elliptical needle tip.

I offer this cartridge with a modified needle assembly.
The plastic around is being cut away. This makes a very big difference, even to glued assemblies, which is a common ‘trick’ to improve systems with removable needle.
Glueing does not eliminate the problem of the massive amount of thin walled plastic at the needle assembly,it dampens the effect a little. Once cut away the problem is eliminated.

Also the colored dot on the needle is removed, reulting in a lighter cantilever.

Then there is the new housing from the same material I use for my plinths. Very goodsound properties here as well, the cartridge is fitted without any cavities, as opposed to the original plastic case.

The already dynamic sounding original cartridge comes with a lot of refinement, too once modified.
Certainly not a competitor to top MC systems, but so appealing in character that it delivers a lot of listening fun.

Maybe a silly (and not quite precise) food comparism makes you get the idea.
If your High End MC cartridge is Champagne and star cuisine, then this MM system is Whiskey with a BBQ Steak.

The modified cartridge is available only together with a graphite headshell. The cartridge is pre mount and cabled in the headshell.

Another example:

Modified Denon 103 cartridges.
Line Contact Diamond tip, Boron cantilever, black color


The length of cantilever is adjusted to the original length.

Another option is a shorter cantilever which results in higher lever, less weight and a bit higher compliance.

This is the ‘Hot Rod’ version.

The cartridge then also gets closer to the record surface, which can become a problem with extremely warped records. Though it only happens with discs that should not be played at all, a warning is necessary.

Then again the dynamics of this version are unmatched.

The ‘Hot rodding’ includes the removal of original body parts where possible and beneficial to the result.